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Forex Trading Dictionary

Oleh: newbi Pada 2015-12-28 20:53:57

In the forex trading business there will be many foreign words or sentences in a hearing especially for a beginner. Here I will explain some about a term not yet we know thoroughly in the forex business.
Forex Trading Dictionary

Above The Market: an order to sell securities or securities above market prices at the time.

Acceleration Theory: an order to sell securities or securities above market prices at the time.

Acceptance: an agreement to buy or sell securities contracts for a specific currency at a specified date and for a price in the future.

Account: all of the bookkeeping records concerning various transaction over a client, including credit or debit balance, floating loss/profit and value the real book.

Account Balance: the difference between the debit and credit in an account. If debitnya is greater than the credit, then the account is said to have a negative balance. In terms of another is called a deficit. Whereas the opposite is called a surplus.

Account Executive: an employee of a company brokers/dealers a brokerage firm stocks/Forex, abbreviated as AE. AE solid submits a purchase or sale order against securities/currencies, and permitted to manage the client's account. In countries that are already advanced, the AE should have permission/certification from the local nasiobal stock agency.

Account Statement: periodic reports that describe the status of the various transaction buy/sell securities/currency a client contract.

Accounting Rate of Return: the rate of profit accounting. The profit generated during an accounting period divided by the amount of money invested during the same period.

Accomodation trading: Trading without opposing the transaction, usually with the help of illegal traders.

Fundamental analysis: economic and political Analysis with the purpose of determining the rate of Exchange in the future.

Technical analysis: a peninjaulan effort or the price of a currency analysis using statistical data such as the price that had been the case, average price, volumeand others.

Appreciation: a Strengthening currency or stocks, the result of a positive response or deman higher than market participants.

Arbitrage: the purchase or sale of shares/currency/precious longam/bonds/or otherkomuditas from one market to another market which is separate but related. Opportunities of arbitrage occurs when two companies planned to merge or when a currency contract traded on another type of market, so that the obtained value of the balance or the passing of spot foreign exchange cross rate.

Arbitrage Bond: Bond-bond minisipal published with the aim to fund higher yield bonds birthday before the bonds can be redeemed. To benefit the tribe bugan, fundnew publishing results diinvestasikandalam sekutiras-certain debt securities to the date of redemption.

Arithmatic Investing: investment Methods reduce the risk facing investors by way ofprofit levels throughout the mengestimasi peroide of time.

All-around: number of points above or below the target price (price of par). For example, when the spot price of premium or mengkuotasikan who want to be purchased/selling. The term three-three all-around means 3 points below or above the desired price.

Asian Development Bank: an international bank headquartered in the Philippines that helps -->