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Learn To Become A Successful Forex Trader

Oleh: newbi Pada 2015-12-28 20:54:10

After observing in the last few months since becoming a trader, it still contained the behaviour of a trader who has mistaken perceptions about the world of trading. Fora trader's new foray into the world of trading, sometimes they looked at that world of trading is a way in which to get rich instantly, then plunge it into the base without having enough. In fact, this is incorrect.

You need to remember, Trading is not a slot machine that easily insert a coin. In addition, trading also is not a game where you just press a key BUY or SELL. Actual trading is a form of investment. Where the investment such as embed your money to get a "return of investment" to several percent per year. However, along with the possibility of profit, there is also the possibility of loss. The magnitude of profit to be hadno matter is different for everyone, so we must continue to learn in order to become a successful trader.

There is a very interesting story of a trader subjected one forums I have ever read, that trader is about his experience during be a trader.
"When I became a trader at one of the firms on Wall Street, where there is one person that always produces profit more from all of us at the firm. We all are very shy and amazed him. Never a time we saw him produce half a million U.s. dollars in just one day and I still remember clearly with the events on that day. We all gather aroundtheir computers and listening to what he tradingkan. We all hope will get enlightenment to be like him. "
"He was very good until I was nervous if it speaks to him. He's like a celebrity. But after a year of trading with him, in one room, I could not find how he did it. It's like something magical. "
"A few years later, I found my own trading success. It's just that, I have not really sure. It seems to be bigger than this. I think this is related to the market that is alwaysdynamic, and I still continue to learn until today. "
Note: for an experienced traders, though, they are still required to continue to always learn.
The trading world is a dynamic world, various aspects incorporated in it. If we want to become a trader that is really successful, then we should always learn to understand it. Without learning then we will not have a base in the conquered world of trading which is considered by some as a "Welcome to the Jungle". Plunge into the world of trading without having sufficient willingness to keep learning, tantamount to get lost amongst the wilderness where you can all at any time.